250 Watt Infra-Red Lamps

250 watt tempered glass Infra-Red lamps. Sold in packs of 2 only.
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Providing your newly hatched chicks with the right heat can make all the difference.

If the preferred option for brooding chicks is a hanging lamp, then theheat emitters and infa-red lamps are a good choice.

It is well known that prolonged light can disrupt growth rates and damage eyes of developing chicks as well as causing restlessness which can also lead to pecking issues in chicks. 

If your preferred option is to have some light available, we now stock high quality 250 watt tempered (Hardened) glass Infra-Red lamps. Infra-red will still emit a gentle red glow which is proven to be less damaging to eyes than prolonged exposure to white light. (These are commonly seen in restaurants keeping food warm) This will also reduce the risks associated with restlessness still allowing growing chicks to rest without the interruption of a bright light.

Note: These heat lamps produce an intense heat, therefore it is important a good quality ceramic lamp holder is used at all times. Suitable to use in the heavy duty heat lamp set or in the ceramic bulb holders.

For those that prefer no light we recommend the ceramic heat emitters. These do a fantastic job of radiating heat and giving the chicks the most natural way of growing. We have found chicks raised under radiat heat grow well, happy and fast.

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