7 Hole Bottle Drinker

ideal for newly hatched chicks or in aviaries with ground foraging birds such as quail etc...
$10.00 (NZD) incl GST

Recycle and reuse your plastic drink bottles with this clever little chick drinker.

This clever little 2 piece drinker set is a must have for raising chicks in a brooder or even suitable if raising chicks with their mum. Also ideal in aviaries with quail etc... No chance of accidental chicks drownings, as the water tray is totally covered with just enough space for their beaks. There are 7 holes for chicks to drink from. The drinker is in 2 parts with a seperatable base and top which is threaded to cope with the most common style drink bottle threads (As seen in photo with 1.5 litre cola water bottle) Note; Bottle not included. Top can be totally removed so unit can be thoroughly cleaned.


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