All-weather Rabbit Shelter (Hidey-hole)

The Perfect hidey-hole for your rabbit when outdoors. Offers your bunny protection from the elements: sun, rain and wind.
$52.00 (NZD) incl GST

Does your Rabbit Enjoy Spending Time in an Outdoor Run...if so, get him/her a Hidey-Hole.

Made from recycled plastic drums our All-weather shelters will not only offer your rabbit protection from the sun, wind and rain but also make them feel content and secure.

 Please note we use recyled materials to create our rabbit shelters. Colour and style of barrel may vary from one in photo. Made to order.

Courier on this item is $32 for national town delivery and $42 for national rural delivery. This cost will be added once we receive and finalise your order. Many thanks.

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