Appletons Bantam Step On Feeder

Stop wasting feed to sparrows, rats and mice. Dry feed on demand for all smaller poultry. Comes with easy training instructions. perfect for Bantams, Hamburghs and Pheasants.
$138.00 (NZD) incl GST

Perfect sized auto feeder for all smaller sized fowl like Bantams, Hamburghs, Campines and Pheasant.

Appletons STAR product - makes keeping chooks a pleasure!We have been so impressed with these Bantam Step On Feeders that we have now been using them in our pekin bantam pens for just on 8 years now. The pekins take to them quickly (little birds with high IQ's!) We are saving on feed as the sparrows just don't get the opportunity to help themselves any longer. An excellent step-on feeder perfect for bantam sized chooks. PLUS we have been using them in our pheasant flights and they have been working well with the ringnecks and ornamental pheasants.  This unit holds app. 4kgs of feed.  The whole unit is made out of aluminum with alloy rivets, plated steel hinges, nuts and bolts so it keeps working in adverse weather. We leave these feeders out in the runs and pheasant flights and they work well to keep the feed dry. Overall size of feeding unit is 390mm (width) x 160mm (height) x 320mm (depth). Looks identical to the Appletons Large Capacity Feeder but smaller - photo shows large version. All our step-on feeders come with very clear and easy to follow training instructions.


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