Appletons MINI Step On Feeder

Space saving step on feeder. Ideal for small coops and tight spaces.
$138.00 (NZD) incl GST

If Space is a Premium in the Chicken Coop then this Mini Feeder is the One for YouAppletons STAR Product - makes keeping chooks easy!

The best thing about the MINI Step On Feeder is that it takes up ONLY half the space of the the regular Step On Feeders and does the same job. Suitable for all commercial hybrids (brown shavers and hylines), heavy breeds and most light breeds of poultry plus guinea fowl and ducks. This feeder offers dry feed on demand and has a capacity of 6.5kgs. The perfect size for feeding 3 to 4 chickens contained in a small area where space is a premium.

At one stage here at Appletons we were feeding all the neighbourhood sparrows, mice and rats and it was costing us a fortune. When we moved to using step-on feeders (now 8 years ago!) and got the chooks trained up to use them our feed bill was considerably reduced (by half!) and the feed now stays clean and is no longer contaminated with mouse/sparrow droppings. Plus our chook houses are also now free of sparrow and mouse droppings and easier to keep clean reducing risk of contamination like samonella and other diseases carried by the wild birds and rodents. Definitely worth the investment. It will pay for itself in no time! The unit is made out of aluminum with alloy rivets, plated steel hinges, nuts and bolts so it keeps working in adverse weather. We have many of these feeders in use in our runs: some are placed inside in the hen houses and others are placed in the run itself just depending on access for filling. We have had no issues of damp and wet feed. They work efficiently and well both indoors and out. The overall size of the feeding unit is 280mm (width) x 220mm (height) x 460mm (depth). All our step on feeders come with our very own Appletons Training Instructions which are clear and easy to follow plus all the 'bits' you will need to get your chickens trained up. Also available our Appletons Step On Feeder - regular size. Please note this size is not suitable for bantams, we do stock a bantam sized feeder, the Appletons Bantam Step On Feeder. 

 The perfect solution for those that keep 3 to 4 chooks in a mobile chicken coop like the Ultimate Coop on Wheels.

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