AVAILABLE Buff Sussex Hens

Beautiful Buff Sussex ladies.
Call for pricing

We have available for sale our mixed age pen of Buff Sussex hens. I think their are around 10 of them! These girls range from 2  to 4 years of age.These girls are moulting so some are looking a bit dishevelled. These girls are really past their best as layers but will still produce some eggs this next season and make someone lovely pets. Buff Sussex are one of the more friendly breeds.

We do have a buff rooster to go with them should the purchaser like to purchase a handsome male to keep his ladies in check!  We would like the pen to go together as one group. $20-25 per hen depending on age.

These girls enjoy a bit of free range and a nice, dry house to roost in at night. They look fantastic out foraging and would do well scratching around under the trees in an orchard or  having access to a good sized run.

Please give us a call on 03 5423224 to enquire if you are interested. Pick up only please.

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