Speckled Sussex

Light Sussex

Gorgeous mahogany speckled girls with all the lovely sussex characteristics.

Classification: Heavy Breed

Photos to follow once the weather improves and the sun comes out!

We are delighted to see the speckled sussex becoming more accessible as a breed here in NZ. For many years they were hard to come by. We have kept them now for a couple of seasons and enjoying their stunning speckled plummage. Just like the light sussex their progeny are early to feather, fast growing and quick to mature. Our speckled sussex girls have laid well for us; they lay an average sized egg and egg colour is usually tinted. They come into the lay early each season (late winter) and lay consistently well till they come into the moult in late summer/autumn. Speckled sussex are inclined to go broody like many of the other heavy breeds and they make attentive mothers. We find them a delightful breed to keep. We also keep the light sussex and the buff sussex.

Light Sussex Light Sussex Light Sussex Light Sussex Light Sussex