All you need to know about chicken keeping and more.

A chook house should provide chickens with a place to sleep and a place to lay eggs. It should offer protection from the elements, predators and vermin.

Feeding your chickens quality feed is the best way to achieve healthy, happy, productive hens

Having good poultry housekeeping and management of your flock can go a long way to avoiding a lot of common problems.

It is very important when keeping poultry to be aware of how the pecking order works within a flock.

It is perfectly natural for heritage hens to go broody.

Buying in hatching eggs (fertile eggs) is the most economical way of starting or adding to your existing flock.

Chicks can either be hatched out in an incubator or under a broody hen or purchased as day olds from a breeder. Day old chicks should be kept indoors in a heated brooder (if you have no mother hen) until they have their feathers, about 4-8 weeks depending on weather conditions.

We have been growing on our heavy breed cockerels for some time now and processing them for the table.