This classic breed is a brilliant all-rounder: great layer, excellent table bird (cockerels) with striking looks and friendly temperament.

The buffs look equally as elegant as the lights and are as well marked in their gold attire

Gorgeous mahogany speckled girls with all the lovely sussex characteristics.

The ever popular plymouth rock with its big personality and docile friendly temperament is another firm favourite.

Their gorgeous, deep, mahogany red colouring together with their amiable nature make them a great backyard choice.

Their looks, character and distinctive white, elongated eggs make them a delight to have foraging in our backyard.

We love our gentle giants.

This Chilian breed is unusual not only in looks but also lays bluey-green coloured eggs.

The leghorn girls are slender, athletic ladies, sprightly in nature and keen to explore.

Our gorgeous polka dot hamburgh girls!

These little ladies have big personality, striking plumage and are prolific layers.

The perfect feathered family pet

Our white silkie girls are a comical delight with their boffie hair doos and matching fluffy jump suits!

This wonderful breed is a delight to behold; with their classic face muffling, feathered legs, gentle natures and big personalities.

Aloof ladies in their honey coloured attire.

If you are after lovely brown eggs then this attractive Dutch breed will lay them for you.

We love our wyandotte ladies. Classy young girls looking racy and sleek before they mature out to be curvaceous laced hens of standing and character.