Security and safe play for my buns.

Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Fiona
I am attaching some pics of the new enclosure. As you can see it has a secure access to the shed where Ruby and Felix sleep. I had a very smart builder to complete this part. The buns adore it. Previously breakfast started the day but now they choose a couple of laps around the enclosure and a race up the ramp ahead of food! My neighbours are calling it the Ritz. I think I will get a sign made! We will teach them how to use the slide in due course! The new enclosure has really changed my life as I can now leave the buns all day and know they have everything they need and will be completely safe. Thank you very much for your help and advice with this.
With kind regards Judy Whiteside
Posted: 2 years ago
WOW! Judith,
Felix and Ruby are very lucky bunnies you must adore them.
Your new, 5 star setup looks great and they will get plenty of exercise with the indoor-outdoor flow.
Thanks for the photos.