Bunny Shed mod

Posted: 2 years ago
Hiya - I thought you might like to have a peek at a mod I’ve made to the rabbit shed. As I rarely open the farthest shutter I decided to make it into a window for improved light in horrid weather conditions. I had a piece of 10mm thick perspex cut to size and mounted it with the hinges. It works a treat - can still open it up in warm conditions but shuts to keep the rain out and the light in!
Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks the photos. What a great idea! Especially if you never open that shutter :) We really enjoy hearing from our customers and seeing what they get up too!
Posted: 2 years ago
It is working really well. I will be putting a ‘stop block’ of wood on it so it can be propped open securely so will send a photo through when it’s done.
I’m also making some internal mods - extra levels, ramps etc.
Posted: 2 years ago
Love the upstairs and bunny cutouts!