Brinsea Incubators

Here at Appletons we have been using Brinsea incubators to incubate and hatch our chicks for many years. It is the brand we trust, use and have always recommended to all our customers. We are now delight to be able to offer the best in incubation.

Brinsea® Products Ltd, the Incubation Specialists have been focusing on egg incubator design continuously since 1976, resulting in incubators, brooding equipment and accessories offering you unparalleled practicality, reliability and hatch rates with healthy chicks time after time.  Click here to read about the Brinsea difference. 2015 sees the introduction of the new OvaEasy 100 incubator and in 2014 Brinsea launched the OvaEasy Hatcher and the year before was the the introduction of Biomaster antimicrobial additives to incubator cabinets* to provide an added level of protection for your eggs during incubation

Brinsea now offer a 3 year repair or replace warranty for all products purchased after 1st February 2015. 

Talk to us today about your Brinsea incubation needs. Brinsea have incubators to suit all hatching requirments from mini incubators (the Minis), to medium sized (the Octagons) and then the larger cabinet incubators (the OvaEasy's).

Please Beware of Purchasing Low Cost 'Made in China' Incubators
British Trading Standards investigate imported egg incubators: A number of low cost Chinese made egg incubators have appeared on the market in recent months, sold mainly on eBay but increasingly on Amazon and other poultry websites raising concerns about their electrical safety. Egg incubators involve mains electricity, heating and water and are used in the home, sometimes by children and these factors mean a poorly designed incubator can pose particular hazards, hence Trading Standards' interest.  Many of these products do not comply with European electrical safety standards and could prove dangerous. British Trading Standards have assessed a selection of these machines and are currently contacting importers of any equipment which doesn't comply with EU safety regulations. 
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