BRINSEA Ovaview "High Intensity" Candling Lamp

"High Intensity" designed for the absolute darkest of eggs
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$99.00 (NZD) incl GST

This is a brilliant candling lamp! Lights up the whole egg showing the spidery veins in a fertile egg from as early as day 4.

The OvaView High Intensity is similar to the OvaView but with a much higher light output from a higher spec LED.  The greater power makes inspection of darker and mottled egg shells easier.  Supplied with both the normal flexible black ring to seal against the egg shell plus a smaller version for smaller eggs.

The larger power drain means that rechargeable AA batteries are needed. A set of batteries with charger can be purchased from Brinsea - part number 25.27

 Now protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. Protects hatches from microbial transfer by cross contamination helping to reduce unexplained hatching failures. For more information please click here…

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