Brood (Fake) Eggs

Place brood eggs in nest boxes to show hens where to lay or under broody hens while waiting for hatching eggs to arrive by courier.
Brood eggs come in two different sizes (standard size or bantam size). We recommending investing in some fake eggs. Very handy to have for a few reasons! We place them in the laying boxes when pullets are POL (point of lay) to encourage them to lay in the nest boxes. Hens will go and lay where there is usually an egg or two so having a pair of fake eggs permanently in the nest box/es is a good idea. Collect the fresh eggs daily and leave the fake eggs as an indicator to your hens. Slipping some wooden eggs under a broody hen to keep her sitting is another reason to have a pair...and fake eggs are solid so cannot be pecked at avoiding bad habits such as egg collect fresh eggs often to reduce the risk of hens eating eggs.  We like the wooden ones here at Appletons as made of a natural resource and easy to wipe clean. The bouncy rubber eggs are great too and look like the real thing in the laying box!

List of Brood (Fake) Eggs

Bouncy Rubber Egg - Single

Hens usually like to lay where other hens have laid so fake eggs will help her make her mind up!
Hens usually like to lay where other hens have lai...
$2.50 (NZD) incl GST

Wooden Brood Eggs - A Pair

Our preferred choice.
Our preferred choice.
$10.00 (NZD) incl GST

Plastic Bantam Eggs - Five

Small, white plastic eggs.
Small, white plastic eggs.
$9.00 (NZD) incl GST

Plastic Hens Eggs - A Trio

White plastic fake eggs.
White plastic fake eggs.
$8.00 (NZD) incl GST