Brown Shaver Chicks

Available approximately every 6 weeks. They require to go in a brooder with a heat source or under a broody hen. Pick up only. All chicks need to go with a bag of feed.
$10.00 (NZD) incl GST

If you are looking for hens that lay lots of lovely brown eggs then these are the girls for you!

Please give us a call for our our next pick up day for day old brown shaver chicks 

September 21st between 9am and 12.30pm.

Chicks will need to be kept warm in a brooder box with a warm area (heat lamp or heat plate as a heat source) where they can sleep and a cooler area they can feed and drink. Until they are fully feathered and the weather starts to warm up they will need to be kept indoors or in a shed. Happy to show the buyer what to do and what they need to eat etc. Our brown shaver chicks are raised on the Westons chick crumble. All chicks need to go with a bag of Westons Chicks Choice on pick up please. They have feed available to them at all times so are well feed on a quality feed for optimum growth. We find the Westons feed to be the best feed as it contains both ruminant and vegetable based proteins. Quality feed to get the best out of your birds. Here at Appletons we stock and sell the Westons stockfeed range.

Price is per chick. We sell a minimum of 3. All chicks are guaranteed pullets. All are vacinated against mareks and samonella. Please note price goes up a $1.20 per chick each thursday - so every week we grow them cost a dollar more per chick. Pick up only near Brightwater, Nelson. Please do not place an order if you cannot collect from our store.

If purchasing day old chicks from us they will need to go with a bag of Westons Chicks Choice. We have both 10kg and 25kg bags available. Please remember to add a bag to your cart when placing your order.


Developed, designed and breed for their awesome laying ability and capable of laying upwards of 340 to 360 eggs to 80 weeks of age if fed, watered and cared for correctly. These are the hens they use in the commercial egg industry for premium egg production. Please remember they have a very productive but short life compared to a heritage breed hen. These girls will be POL around 22 weeks if cared for correctly. For more info click here.

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