Chicken Eggs




Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch. 

Hatching eggs are $3.75 to $3.95 each inclusive of GST + shipping.

We will list breed availability here on our website.

Please note this season will be short. Monday 28th January is our day to ship eggs this season.

No hatching eggs will be available for sale from February onwards.

We will definately have hatching eggs available for September and October. Please talk to us if you wish to order any later than October. Thank you.



egg colour 

Light Sussex


Rhode Island Red


Barred Plymouth Rock


Croad Langshan


White Leghorn




Lavender Aruacana


Silver Spangled Hamburgh


Golden Campine



We courier nationwide. Please note we have a minimum order of 6 hatching eggs. Please order in good time as we have very limited availability across the breeds. To ensure you get what you want we recommend ordering a week ahead. All hatching egg orders need to be confirmed with immediate payment to ensure we hold and collect your eggs for you. If you choose to cancel at short notice please note we do not refund. We only send eggs on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please bring your own egg trays or cartons when collecting eggs directly or we have egg cartons for sale. 

Please click here to read up on the many variables of hatching eggs. Please note there are no guarantees when purchasing eggs to hatch.

Please click here to find our more out our shipping costs for hatching eggs. Thank you.