Ultimate Deluxe Wire Portable Pen 900mm High with Door BLACK

Excellent portable, secure holding pen. Ideal for placing a broody or putting young chicks or ducklings outside during the day. Perfect playpen for rabbits giving them plenty of hop room.
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$199.00 (NZD) incl GST

Excellent portable holding pen. Ideal for broody hens or if rearing chicks or ducklings and wish to give them some time outside suring the day. All so perfect for small animals like rabbits and dogs. Also good if you need to keep a bird separate but still within the run. Perfect too for giving the pet bunny some excercise time.

Made from heavy gauge wire and all steel construction. Provides good security whilst providing good visibility. Folds quickly and easily for portability and easy transport.. Tough longlasting finish resists rust and soiling. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to clean. Versatile design can form multiple shapes. Consists of 8 x 60cm wide panels 90cm high with Easy Access Step-through Door.  Black Powdercoat finish.

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