Duck House

Offers ducks protection from the elements and a private place to lay.
Picture of Duck House

Simplicity itself to put together this duck house. Very pleased with the finished result, ...

19/02/2016 by kay


Appletons Duck House

*accommodates up to 3 to 6 ducks with daily access to free range.
* professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions
* all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood
* built on sturdy short legs so house is raised 
* removable plywood floor 
* ventilation holes in front panel 
* apex style plywood roof with internal access via one lift up roof panel
* extra large pop-hole for ducks to come and go
* ramp supplied 
* app. house size 1m by 1m

"The perfect medium duck house for your quackers! "

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$630.00 (NZD) incl GST
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