Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube MK2

Green insulating BLANKET fits only the NEW Cube (MK2)
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$186.00 (NZD) incl GST

The Eglu Cube (MK2) has a unique twin walled construction but for the ultimate protection for your hens this insulating blanket is just the thing. Filled with Flectalon - a material that NASA developed to keep astronauts warm in the freezing temperatures of space - Omlet’s extreme temperature blanket for the Mk2 Eglu Cube will keep your hens snug on planet earth.

This purpose designed chicken coop cover is easy to fit; simply secure to the run with the supplied bungees (if you don't have a run, use the bungees to wrap around the frame legs) and then pull the drawstrings tight for a perfect fit.

The rear panel remains accessible and so does the dropping tray. To access the egg port simply release the bungees and lift the cover. Similarly the front door can be opened and closed just by releasing the drawstring.

Can be used on a Eglu Cube (MK2) with or without a run. Available only in green. NOT SUITABLE FOR THE ORIGINAL CUBE MK1.


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