Game Bird Crumble

25kg bag. A specially formulated NON-MEDICATED starter feed for game poultry and waterfowl - ideal starter for pheasant, quail, duck & geese - but also suitable for chickens & broilers.
$42.50 (NZD) incl GST

Introducing Westons Game Bird Crumble. Available for sale in 25kg bags.

Game Bird Crumble is a specially formulated feed with the all of the essential nutrients of protein, energy and minerals in readiness for healthy productive poultry of many breeds including pheasant, duck, quail, turkey and even chickens including broilers.

Game Bird crumble can be used for all chicks, poults & ducklings etc from day old through to slaughter.

It is also a complete diet for quail from day one through to laying. (Fine grit is required for extra calcium for layers).

Westons Peak layer  is suitable for all game and water fowl breeds from point of lay onwards.

Crude Protein component is 21.81%

Appletons STAR Product - makes keeping chooks easy!Westons feed has that point of difference over most other brands as it is the only commercial poultry feed (here on the South Island) that contains quality ruminent protein (blood,meat and bone meal) We see the results in our birds every day and it is good to hear the positive feed back from our customers once they start using Westons feed. 


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