Guinea Fowl

The breeding season for guinea fowl usually starts mid October and runs through to March.

Best time to purchase and set guinea fowl hatching eggs is mid November to early January.

They have an incubation period of 27 to 28 days.

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Guinea Fowl

small eggs with one pointy end

and one rounded, hard shelled

next available October/November 2019

price per egg is $3.60 incl. of GST + shipping

minimum order of 6


We sometimes have young keets (occasionally day olds) available for sale in the first quarter of the year (Feb to May).

Please enquire as to availablitlity - pick up only.


List of Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs

Dual purpose fowl - prolific layers and excellent to eat - comical and dotty - incubation of 28 days. Please check availability prior to ordering as w...
Dual purpose fowl - prolific layers and excellent ...
$3.75 (NZD) incl GST