Heavy Duty Heat Lamp Set with 300mm shade

Large heat lamp set includes 300mm alloy lamp shade with wire safety cage, ceramic lamp holder encased in Heavy Duty Alloy heatsink, pre wired with 3-way switch and 3 meters of cord with NZ plug. (please note no heat emitter included)
$80.00 (NZD) incl GST

Providing your newly hatched chicks with the right heat can make all the difference.

This all new Aluminium brooding lamp shade set is pre-fitted with a ceramic lamp holder for safety and the addition of a large heavy duty alloy heat sink for extended lamp service life.

The shade has a removable wire cage fitted for extra safety in case of accidental breakages of heat bulbs from flighty chicks (Reducing risk of fire).

This set is pre-wired ready to go with 3 meters of cord, Standard NZ Plug and also has a 3-way dimmable switch featuring low/off/high.

This Heat Lamp Set can be purchased seperately or complete with either a 250w Infra-red heat reflecting lamp or supplied with Non light emitting ceramic heat emitters. Please follow the link and select your preferred emitter option.


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