Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder

Truly tasty chicken treat logs (in a pack of 6) containing oregano, mint, turmeric and garlic. Designed for use in the Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder or the Hentastic Fun Feeder.
$14.90 (NZD) incl GST

A Great Peck Toy For Chickens

The Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder is a great way to help give your chickens some fun time while having a treat. This chicken feeder is designed to hold treat; bunches of kale, chickory, silvebeet, broccoli leaves, dandilion plants plus pieces of apple. Simply hang the feeder at a good pecking height and let the chickens approach the feeder at their own pace, remember it may take them time to adjust to something new. This feeder is a great boredom busting treat, creating a feeding frenzy!

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