Hatching Eggs


   Hatching eggs from our Heritage breeds

This season we are going to do things differently...                              

Over the years we have invested much time and energy in keeping our heritage breeds going so we can supply both hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets to our customers. It is very time intensive as requires input all year round - on a daily basis! Looking back, we have been doing this for 14 + years – since our boys were little!

Unfortunately, this has become a costly exercise both financially and time-wise and now we are a family of teenage boys with very busy lives and are finding we can no longer do it all! We have made the decision to scale back and run breeding trios only for this season - so reducing hatching egg numbers and availability.

We will no longer list hatching eggs on our website as we have done in the past. We will have some hatching eggs available but, on an email, or phone in basis. If you would like to check availability best to email us or ring us. If we can supply, we are more than happy to place an order for you.


We only send eggs on Mondays and Tuesdays (with the exception of overnight town delivery to the NI - best to talk with us) If you choose to cancel your hatching egg order we do not offer a refund. Please bring your own egg trays or cartons when collecting eggs directly or we have egg cartons for sale.

Please click here to read up more on the incubation of hatching eggs.

For more information on the variables of hatching and transportation of eggs please see our terms and conditions. Thank you. 

We have a minimum order of 6 eggs.

Please DO NOT combine your hatching egg order with other poultry items as we CANNOT combine shipping. Hatching Eggs are best packed and sent in their own parcel. If you are wanting to purchase other items please make a new order. If you do proceed to order other items with your egg order you will note that shipping is allocated for more than parcel.


Courier of Hatching Eggs

If ordering hatching eggs we send them with the Courier. Eggs are couriered using the two-day service on a Monday and Tuesday allowing for ample time for delivery prior to the weekend to avoid parcels sitting idle in depots. Please note we sell a minimum of 6 hatching eggs.

We can overnight to North Island residential & business addresses for next day delivery Monday to Friday but this does incur an additional charge. Cost for OVERNIGHT NI town delivery is $39. Waiheke Island and the Chatham Islands incur a surcharge of $32 per parcel. Stewart Island has a surcharge of $8 per parcel. 

We believe in doing the best we can to ensure our hatching eggs have the best chances of success. Eggs are individually wrapped and boxed and well protected with shredded paper so high summer temperatures do not affect them. We courier at the beginning of the week to avoid unnecessary postal delays and the risk of eggs sitting idle in depots over weekends. 

For more info on the many variables of hatching eggs please click here

If not sure your address is classified town or rural? Check Here 

Courier of Hatching Eggs

Town delivery 

Rural delivery

Up to 24 chicken eggs



25 to 48 chicken eggs



Up to 8 duck eggs



9 to 20 duck eggs




Up to 6 Ornamental Pheasant Eggs



6 to 30 Pheasant Eggs






List of Hatching Eggs

Turkey Hatching Eggs

Please ask about availability*****We have a mix of bronze and white turkeys.
Please ask about availability*****We have a mix of...
$3.75 (NZD) incl GST

Appletons SURPRISE Dozen

A mix of our breeds depending on what we have available on the day we courier. Will include heavy and light breed hatching eggs.
A mix of our breeds depending on what we have avai...
$42.50 (NZD) incl GST

Golden Pheasant Hatching Eggs

We have pheasant eggs available late October to November. Thank you.
We have pheasant eggs available late October to No...
$12.50 (NZD) incl GST

Guinea Fowl Hatching Eggs

Dual purpose fowl - prolific layers and excellent to eat - comical and dotty - incubation of 28 days. Please check availability prior to ordering as w...
Dual purpose fowl - prolific layers and excellent ...
$3.75 (NZD) incl GST