Autumn is just around the corner (again!) Most of our heritage breed chooks will be going through their annual moult. Egg numbers will have dropped off dramatically or might have ceased.

Choosing the right chickens to suit your lifestyle, pocket and backyard or farmyard can be nerve wracking for most newbie chook owners. ‘Where do we start?”

Friday, May 3, 2013
Could not resist this image of the rooster with his cuppa…the caption could be something like “Being a dad is never easy!”

The first step to deterring predators is to identify them. Each ‘killer’ has his method of entry, attack and kill, so if you wish to play detective then be observant and look for clues.

Chooks are no different to us when it comes to being crook from catching colds to suffering physical injuries, developing growths/tumours, having reproductive problems, succumbing to stress and heart attacks, catching viruses or picking up fungal or bacterial infections, or coping with heavy worm burdens or annoying external parasites … the list is endless!

Where have the lovely warm days gone? Are you noticing the darker mornings and finding it difficult to climb out of bed! Well the chooks have too!

...and all the best for Christmas. Our Christmas present came early this year - a surprise visit from Pookie.

This season is finally underway and our chooks are laying like ‘little troopers’ producing beautiful, big eggs and now the pheasants are laying too!

With a little forward thinking you can have eggs all year round with the heritage breeds.

Yay! The shortest day has past and from now on the days will be lengthening out and delighting us with more daylight hours.