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Anti-Pecking Spray

We are very happy with this product.  We wish we had heard about it sooner, because although the older girls are now not pecking the younger girls, they have gotten into the habit of chasing and the young girls, running.  We are sure it will calm down once they realise that they are not going to get plucked.  Just a point - got some kick-back spray into my face and even I don't want to peck at the chickens - LOL.  Regards, Jeanette
From: Jeanette | Date: 4/17/2018 10:08 AM
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Very Effective

Potent stuff! Don't get it on yourself. Nipped our pecking problems in the bud.  
From: Guest | Date: 6/1/2016 2:42 PM
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Anti Feather-Pecking Spray

Works like a charm but.. don't get it on your clothes. stinks like hell... no wonder it works!
From: Guest | Date: 4/28/2016 1:28 AM
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