Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions conducted via the Appletons website. Please read them carefully before placing your order. Please note that in these terms and conditions "you", "your", "yours" and "yourself" are references to any person ordering goods from the website, and "we", "our" and "ours" are references to Appletons.

Notification of changes
We may change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Any changes will apply to subsequent orders.

Order procedure
To place an order for any goods you should follow the procedures set out on the shopping cart page of the website, and it is your responsibility to ensure that all details of any order are complete and accurate. We carry most of our lines instock. Items that are shown as pre-order we will need to order in for you so there will be a small delay of a few days in delivery.

Placing an order
Each order shall be an offer by you to purchase goods subject to these terms and conditions. We will not be bound to supply any goods ordered until we have notified you of our acceptance of an order. We are entitled to reject any order and will notify you of any such rejection.


All our prices are in NZ Dollars and ex yard. Please note delivery (shipping) charges will apply. Shipping is either calculated on ordering for smaller items and for larger items calculated once we receive your order. We accept payment online via credit card or via internet banking. We also have Eftpos facilites in store. Please note we only dispatch on receipt of payment. If payment is made by cheque please note there will be a $1 cheque clearance fee on each cheque as of 1st March 2018. For all orders paid by cheque the standard 5 working day clearance will need to be taken into account prior to goods been sent or work being commenced.

All goods remain the property of Appletons Animal Housing and Pet Supplies unless paid for in full. We have the right to charge your credit card to the value of these goods if you choose to keep and not return these goods to us. 

Privacy Policy

All customer credit card details will not be passed on to any third parties and will not be held in our systems.

We deliver Nationwide (North and South Islands of  New Zealand). Goods will normally be shipped within 1 to 3 working days of us accepting your order. Please expect delivery to be 1 to 7 working days depending on your address. Unless requested there are no deliveries on Saturdays.  We will contact you by email if delivery is likely to be delayed. All our timber animal and poultry housing is built to order and takes app 12 to 15 working days between acceptance of order (confirmation) and dispatch.

Courier and Packing
Unless otherwise stated, courier and packing shall be charged in addition to the price of the goods themselves and will vary according to the delivery address, weight and size of the goods ordered, and the method of courier/shipping preferred. For full info on shipping please see https://www.chooks.co.nz/shipping-options-2 

Full payment for any goods ordered can be made by credit card, internet banking, bank transfer or cheque in advance of delivery. We accept cash and eftpos instore. All prices are in NZ Dollars.

All goods are advertised for sale subject to availability. In the event of us being unable to supply the goods ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible. Where goods are unavailable for any reason, we may propose to provide you with substitute goods of equivalent quality and price. Should any goods ordered not be available or any substitute goods not be to your reasonable satisfaction, we ask that you return the goods to us at your expense. If you have already paid for the substituted goods or any goods that are not available (for example, where you have paid by personal cheque), a full refund of the purchase price will be given.

Colours, Sizes and Measurements
All colours, sizes and measurements shown on the website are approximate.

We try to ensure that the prices indicated on the website are up to date and accurate. However, we accept no liability for any errors and omissions and the final price of goods is the price in force at the time of us accepting your order. If a product has been listed at a lower price by mistake and you have ordered that product, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option to either reconfirm your order at the correct price or to cancel it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel and have already paid for the goods, a full refund will be issued. We do our best to keep our pricing competitive. We are proud to be a New Zealand owned company. 

Cancelling/Postponing an Order and Refund Policy 
All goods excluding hatching eggs and livestock are delivered with a 30-day money back guarantee in addition to your rights under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. The 30 day right of return starts from the date delivered or items collected in store. To return goods under your money back guarantee, you must email us at info@chooks.co.nz or inform us in writing and returns must be received back before the end of the 30-day period. All returns must come back in unused, unassembled, resalable condition in original packaging (as new). All Omlet kitset returns that have been opened will incur a checking and restocking fee plus the cost of any any replacement clips or fixings etc. Please note shipping costs and the cost of returns are non-refundable. If so requested, we may collect the goods being returned but the cost of collection will be charged to you and may be deducted from any refund given. 

If you need to cancel or postpone an order then please give us as much notice as possible.  If you place an order and we receive no payment or no reply to our confirmation emails we will follow up with a cancellation email 10 days after the date the order was placed informing you that your order has been cancelled.

Should you have a change of mind and cancel your order or part thereof and payment has already been processed by our merchant facilities we will refund the amount less the merchant fee (usually 3% of the transaction) + a $5 handling fee. We will need a bank account number as we do not refund back to credit cards. Orders that have been processed and packed will also incur a $1 handling fee.

We charge a $1 authorisation cancellation fee on all orders paid by credit card prior to shipping confirmation. All our timber housing is made to order so should you choose to cancel your hen house order at the last moment and your order is complete we will charge a $100 cancellation fee.

All orders placed for hatching eggs will only be confirmed and held on confirmation of payment. Should you cancel your order for hatching eggs there will be no refund.

We can offer layby. Layby is a popular way to buy goods when you can’t afford to pay for them straight away. Your goods are kept at the shop until the whole price (including shipping) has been paid off and no interest is added to the price. You agree to pay for them in three or more instalments. Payments are to be made via interent banking. We do not accept credit card payments for layby. You can cancel a layby before you have finished paying for it or before you take the goods. In this case you can let us know by calling at the shop, writing a letter or sending an email. Should you choose to cancel we will refund your money less a $50 administration fee.

Faulty Damaged Goods
If goods are found to be faulty or damaged upon delivery, please contact Appletons within seven working days of receipt of the goods. We will, at our option, deliver replacement goods or refund the price paid.

All goods which you intend to return must be kept in "as new" and unused (resalable) condition whilst in your possession and returned in the original packaging.

Our Details
Goods supplied from the Appletons website are supplied by: 

270 Mt Heslington Road, 
Brightwater, 7091
New Zealand

Email: info@chooks.co.nz
Telephone: 03 542 3224

In the event of any complaint arising from your use of the website please contact us at this address.

These terms and conditions shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. No variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by the parties.

Hen Houses, Chicken Coops and Animal Housing
All our timber hen houses, coops and shelters are built to order and we usually work to 7 to 15 working days between order confirmation and dispatch. All timber and plywood used in the manufacturing process is treated unless requested otherwise. Please note timber is a natural product and does express imperfections. There may be visible knots and other small flaws like fine manufacturing splits and bog (filler), especially in the plywood. We do our very best to work with these raw materials and produce a hen house that becomes a home for your hens. Most are built kitset and can be flat packed for shipping. All timber hen house and coop orders are built onsite and pre-assembled prior to freighting or pick up. Our kitsets are exceptionally easy to assemble and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular - read our great feedback!

Please feel free to ask for a freight price to a town /depot near you. We can deliver your hen house or chicken coop for a small fee if you live locally to the Nelson Bays Area. With local delivery we can deliver your hen house or coop already assembled and ready to go. We are situated near Brightwater, Nelson and welcome pick ups. Please note all timber used is H4 treated and all plywood is H3.2. We recommend the use of treated timber as it will give long life to your hen house or coop. We can build our hen houses and coops using untreated timbers but this will be at your request and it will be up to you to paint or stain it to ensure long life. We are constantly working to improve our hen house and chicken coop designs so appreciate your feedback. When we do make minor changes they will not necessarily show in the photos so if you find the handles are slightly different or the door swings inwards and not outwards it will have been done for a good reason. We ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit on confirmation of the order. Please note if order is cancelled on completion we do not refund your deposit.

Important Information on the Variables of Hatching Eggs
As there are many variables for incubating eggs and their transportation to you we cannot guarantee fertility and hatch rate and please note we do not offer replacements or refunds. We do our very best to send out fresh, clean, hatching eggs collected from the pens of our breeding groups. If it has been a wet week eggs can be a little 'muddy' please be understanding as this is out of our control as hens do transfer dirt onto eggs. We recommend not washing eggs prior to setting. We sell our hatching eggs from the breeding pens of birds when fertility is high.  To do this we must monitor fertility every week by setting eggs in our incubators and candling at day 7 to 10. We make eggs available for sale when fertility is good. This is the only way to do it as there is no other way of monitoring fertility that we know about. When we collect our hatching eggs from our breeding pens we do our very best to code these eggs correctly (we are only human!) and we store them under the right conditions and we turn eggs daily prior to sending out. We believe in doing the best we can to ensure our hatching eggs have the best chances of success. We sell a minimum of 6 hatching eggs per order. Eggs are individually wrapped and boxed and well protected with shredded paper so high summer temperatures do not affect them. We package with extreme care in strong cardboard cartons well labelled with fragile stickers. We courier at the beginning of the week to avoid unnecessary postal delays and the risk of eggs sitting idle in depots over weekends. Once eggs leave here with the courier they are out of our hands.  We have no control how they are handled in transit. Rough handling/shaking or dropping of a parcel will affect fertility as eggs are not designed to travel and be shaken around. Once eggs are in your hands it is up to you to handle and store them correctly prior to setting under your hen or in an incubator. We recommend resting eggs before incubation. Hatching eggs need to settle for at least 24 hours if they came via the courier/mail. This allows the air-cell inside the egg to return to its normal size. Eggs should be stored with the pointy end down or on their side while they are ‘in the hold’. It's a good practice to follow and it will help your hatch. Do not write on them in felt tip or permanent marker as this will affect the fertility as eggs are porous. Don’t wash or clean hatching eggs. Washing removes the protective cuticle, making the egg more susceptible to contamination. The breeding season runs from late winter/early spring through to mid summer. Hatching eggs are best set in the first half of the season for best results. This is when the days are cooler, the roosters are keen and eager and full of renewed energy after a long rest period. Chicks hatched from eggs set prior to Christmas will grow into the length of the day and do better than those hatched in February, March or April when the days are getting shorter. Fertility and hatchability drops off towards the latter part of the season as birds relax, the weather becomes warmer and finally the moult sets in. We recommend hatching from July to October for best results. 

Understanding the Breeding of Heritage Breeds
Please take note that over the years our dedication to preserving the rare breeds of poultry has grown and we are working hard to improve and keep these breeds going for future generations. Each season we look to improve our stock and work within the poultry standard. All our lines are all 'work in progress' as we always aspire to achieve the poultry standard and keep the utilitiness of the fowl. We have to hatch and grown on many pullets and cockerels each year and be very selective in what goes into our new breeding pens for the next seaason. There is no such thing such as the 'perfect chicken' and 'perfect parents' do not produce 'perfect prodgeny'. Because we make available hatching eggs all season we do our very best to produce quality stock but not every rooster mated to each hen is going to produce perfection. So please understand that when chicks hatch not all will be identical and not all will grow up to be perfect replicas of their parents. It is all in the genes so please be understanding when recessive genes pop up every now and again. We cannot guarantee hatching eggs and chicks sold from our heritage pens will all be show winning birds - some might not meet the standard but will still make great backyard layers or be good for fattening for the pot. It is a matter of selecting the best standard birds and working with these to improve the breed. A lot of time, passion and energy goes into keeping the heritage breeds going and we hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as we do!

Purchasing Heritage Breed Pullets
The heritage season kicks off early spring and once hatching is under way we will have our new progeny under heat lamps in the brooder pens. Once off heat we move the young chickens into larger pens with access to outdoor runs where we grow them on till they are ready to go to new homes. Heritage breeds cannot be successfully sexed from day one so we need to grow all chicks on until we can be sure of their sex. For some breeds this is as early as 6 to 8 weeks other can take 8 to 12 weeks.  Once we have determined which males are and which are females then we make the girls (pullets) available for sale. The young males (cockerels) generally do not find homes as no want wants a fine handsome fella that crows and does not lay!
Pullets are usually ready around 10-12 weeks of age. This is a great age to receive them as they can then settle well into your hen house/chicken coop and your backyard or lifestyle block routines. We very seldom grow birds onto Point Of Lay (POL). At 12 weeks of age these pullets will be on the Westons Chicks Choice. This is the feed they have been on from day one and are used to eating and we keep them on this same feed that is high in ruminant proteins till POL. If purchasing our heritage girls they do need to go with a bag of the chicks choice to their new home.
Pullets are usually available from late October, November through to February each season. This date can vary from season to season depending on the weather. Exactly when they will be ready is determined by many factors: the breed variety, age of hens, the rooster (his fertility), weather, predators etc.
The breeding season is an extremely busy time of year for us with much planning, long hours and ‘chicken dedication’ that we ask our customers to be understanding that hatching and growing birds takes energy and time with no guaranteed result. Each season we will have some breeds that are not available for sale these will change from year to year depending on our breeding programme. Please note we do our very best to sex our heritage birds but occasionally we do get it wrong. Please let us know as we are more than happy to rectify. We welcome any questions.

Cancellation of Pullet Orders
Please note that when you pre-order your heritage pullets we ask for a non-refundable $10 deposit per pullet. Should you choose to cancel your order at a later date this deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. We cannot issue this refund as an e-voucher to use in our store on other products. Sorry! Just too much time and energy goes into setting up orders, growing on and putting birds aside for customers etc.  Thank you.

Please note we also have the right to refuse the sale of livestock should we choose to do so     - thank you.

Picking up Poultry
If picking up poultry or ducks we can provide boxes at a $2.50 per box otherwise please remember to bring your own boxes or bird travel cages. A cat or dog travel cage or box will be perfect. (no chillybins or sacks please).

Viewing of Poultry 
Our Store is open to the public during opening hours and customers are most welcome to visit. However our breeding pens and chicken area is not open for public viewing.  Visitors and customers are are most welcome to look at our Omlet Range of chicken coops and hutches and view any day old chicks and/or ducklings if we have some up in the shop. Thank you.

Dispatch Fee
We do charge a $3 dispatch per bird and a $5 disposal fee per bird for any roosters/hens/birds left with us. We are also happy to assist with sexing your chickens that you have purchased from us if you need any help telling the boys from the girls.

Chook Consultancy
We are very happy to travel out to your place (if not too far!) and talk to you about your chicken project and plans. Travel time will be charged plus vehicle/fuel charges at $1.00 per km.  An Appletons consultation is $90 plus gst per hour.

Purchasing Rabbits 
We have available from time to time Rex and Flemish Giant rabbits for sale. We make them available to go to new homes at 8 weeks of age. We do our very best to sex the rabbits as best we can but cannot guarantee 100% we will not get it wrong! To date we have got it right so far so good! Rabbits please need to be picked up when arranged. We have the right to charge extra for rabbits not collected on time. This is to cover their feed and care and maintenance.

We hope you find th eforum a useful tool. We have added it to our website so that you can search for relevant topics, ask poultry related questions, upload your chicken images and comment on other members posts. Please do not abuse this opportunity to self advertise or promote your own or other products. Many thanks.



Please note are terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.