The Joy of Surprise

Monday, April 27, 2015
Miss Lacy  


Here she is… our very beautiful, mysterious, bearded Miss Lacey… with her early winter surprise "The United Nations"!

Enough to put a smile on any face.

Wrong time of year, hybrid genetics as all the chicks have different dads. What can you say!

Life is totally delightful and we all benefit from the element of SURPRISE!


and her brood  


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Janice Strong

So beautiful and cute just love them

here too surprises

hi Fiona,had a grin on my too, even  more surprised than you I am assuming. since we have free range chickens, too free at the moment, and I did not even know when and where my buff sussex (off spring of yours) was sitting. One day she was buffed up in the field, between horse feet, oh, no , a sick chicken,...but no, 4 chicks under her, this was in the last cold spell, 4 weeks ago. so here we are, 1 rooster and 2 girls one did not make it. surprises in wrong places wrong times..loving the moments. cheers franziska

Happy Smiles!!

Oh my goodness she's gorgeous and so are they.  Nature is just so amazing!!  How I love chooks!!  Smiles, Philippa