Water Nipple for Poultry and Rabbits

Very small push-operated water nipple suitable for poultry and rabbits. Requires a low pressure gravity feed supply via either a pressure reducing valve or header tank system.
$6.00 (NZD) incl GST


Nipple for Drinker (single)

Very small push-operated water nipple suitable for poultry and rabbits.

1/8" Nipples are threaded so can be installed directly into any plastic or alkathene pipes or the base of recycled plastic containers or drums and, of course, the Omlet Super Glug.  Very light action, closed by water pressure only. Designed for gravity feed only - please note not suitable for high pressure mains. No spring or O-ring. Length app.4cm. Available in all stainless steel (3 parts) or plastic body with stainless steel pin.(one complete unit)

Simply use a 9mm drill bit and make a small hole in the bottom of your chosen water container. The hole needs to be just smaller than the thread bit on the nipple. Self screw into the bottom of the container. Advisable to seal around with sealer. Using water nipples helps to reduce water spills where disease would live and breed under open water dishes.

Tips for Training Chooks onto Nipples 

The golden rule for teaching birds to use any type of new watering system like nipples is to remove all other sources of water! As long as they have what they are familiar with they will use it first and will never try something new. If their only choice is to drink from that new shiny metal thingy hanging under the pipe or bucket, it will only take one thirsty bird to try it and show everybody else where to get a drink. So just to be perfectly clear, to teach your birds to use the nipples, remember golden rule...Remove all other sources of water!

ALSO when installed the new nipple system, simply gather your chooks around and show them by tapping the nipples with your fingers which cause water to leak. That will get their attention and they learn very quickly.

We recommend 3-4 chooks per nipple.

Nipples for the Omlet Super Glug

The Super Glug has the option to insert three nipples for hens to drink from. If one needs replacing this can be swapped over easily.

Insert the nipples into the Omlet Super Glug


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