We Won an Omlet Eglu!

Thank you for the fantastic egglo chook coup!

"A big thank you to Appletons for the fantastic egglo chook coup and cube. We were unaware of the draw when we purchased the lifestyle block magazine for our son at Christmas. So it was a pleasant surprise when we were told of our good fortune as we have never won anything before, it was very exciting and as our current chook run and house was homemade and near its expiry date it was even more appreciated. Putting up the 6 large cartons was interesting, we enjoyed the unpacking and assembly of the egglo however all though the instructions and diagrams were very good it certainly took a lot longer to assemble than suggested, no doubt to my DIY ability, it was certainly fun seeing it come together. The finished article certainly enhances our backyard and is certainly an improvement of our old and dilapidated chook yard and house. No question about it our chooks love it and 3 eggs from 3 hens a day is great. The portability of the egglo is fantastic and can be easily moved about our lawn and yard regularly. We particularly like the skirt around the cage which prevents other animals and birds annoying or eating our chooks pellets. The cube is  very easy to clean being able to remove the nests and the draw below and hose them down. We close of the nest box once we have collected the eggs and reopen in the morning this keeping the straw/shavings clean. Overall we are very pleased with the egglo as are our chooks. We are very grateful to Appletons and think the design and finish of the chook run is brilliant. We would highly recommend the egglo for backyard chook owners or lifestyle blocks. However we would suggest a hinge and chain support on the nest hatch as we have dropped the hatch on bare feet at least twice and as our grandchildren love collecting the eggs when visiting and find the hatch awkward. Once again thank you very much.                                                                  Thanks John and Margaret, Whangarei   27th April 2019