Westons Peak Layer Pellets

Premium quality feed for laying hens. A complete nutritional pellet for top quality egg production.

Westons Peak Layer Pellets 25 kg

$34.50 (NZD) incl GST

Westons Peak Layer Pellets 10 kg

Please note this size is not a standard size - but we are happy to bag it up if needed. Not available for pick up from Val's.
$22.00 (NZD) incl GST

Westons Peak Layer is the feed we use (and recommend!) here at Appletons to get optimum production from our hens. 

Premium quality feed for laying hens. A complete nutritional pellet for good quality egg production. Laying hens require a balance of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to ensure optimim production of good size and number, yolk colour and strong shells. Good sized pellets.  Perfect for bantams and light and heavy breeds. This ia a high protein pellet with ruminant protein : contains blood and bone meal and blood meal. Feed out all year round to your laying hens.

Anaylsis:    18% crude protein       3% fat       4% fibre        2% salt

Appletons STAR Product - makes keeping chooks easy!Westons feed has that point of difference over most other brands as it is the only commercial poultry feed (here on the South Island) that contains quality ruminant protein. We see the results in our poultry every day and it is good to hear the positive feed back from our customers once they start using Westons poultry feed. 

Usually sold as 25kg can supply 10kg if required on a pre-order basis.

Yes we can courier. Please note all our 25kg bags of Westons are sent out in Large Heavy Duty White Plastic bags 😊

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