Wood Shavings

Lots of lovely untreated wood shavings to use in your chicken coop or hen house.
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Very reasonably priced, and excellent quality. Very pleased to have this nice bedding to k...

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Very reasonably priced, and excellent quality. Very pleased to have this nice bedding to k...

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Reap the Benefits of Using Untreated Wood Shavings

Appletons STAR Product - makes keeping chooks easy!

Also ideal for raising chicks and in nest boxes. We recommend the use of wood shavings in a deep litter bed system. Deep litter is a term used to describe the floor of a chook house where loose dry material  (wood shavings) are used. If mixed with chicken manure and and additional dry litter as required will not need removing for 6 to 12 months. If looked after deep litter has no smell and ends up as beautiful compost (with no added weeds!) We do not recommend the use of hay or staw in a deep bed litter system as we find it does not absorb as much and carries mould and fungi spores which soon affect the birds and humans lungs.

Wood shavings are available in our large, Regular Bags. These are locally sourced from untreated timbers and can vary from pinus radiata to macrocarpa or douglas fir. These are locally sourced and are from freshly sawn timber so can be slightly damp as timber needs to be damp when cut. These are wood shavings we prefer using in our houses as chunky and have a little more weight. Bags are approximately  0.4m x 0.4m x 0.8m in size. Please note these are too large to courier individually. More economical to ship 4 to 8 bags to your nearest depot or order one of our Fadges.

We now have an easy-to-courier size available. A small bag fits snugly (we pack them in tightly!) into a Standard Wine Box. The wine box size quantities are made up using our locally sourced shavings - the same ones we use in our regular, large bags.

Fadge weights app. 100Kgs and is made up of compressed wood shavings (4:1 Approx )Holds 2 cubic metres before pressing equals about 10-12 of our regular bags. The wood shavings in the fadges have been screened before pressing to minimise dust and are untreated kiln dried and 98% dust free. Please check we have them in stock prior to ordering.

Picture of Wood Shavings: Our Regular LARGE Bag!

Wood Shavings: Our Regular LARGE Bag!

Please only order this size if you are ordering a coop or hen house from us, planning on pick up from our store or if you would like a bulk order delivered. We cannot courier individual regular sized bags. Note shipping costs will be applied to your order once we receive your order.
$12.50 (NZD) incl GST
Picture of Wine Box Size Wood Shavings (Fits snugly into a wine box)

Wine Box Size Wood Shavings (Fits snugly into a wine box)

This size we can courier. We can send one or two boxes for the same price. Two boxes will be $16 for town delivery or $21 for Rural delivery.
$10.00 (NZD) incl GST

Fadge (BULK )

Only for pick up or delivery. We cannot courier this size.
$99.00 (NZD) incl GST
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