Wound Spray

Treat wounds in your poultry quickly and effectively with Net-tex Wound Spray.
$21.90 (NZD) incl GST


Essential item for the poultry first-aid kit.

Net-tex Wound Spray comes in an easy to use aerosol spray. It is a highly effective cleanser with a powerful bacteriacidal action. This ultra quick and powerful wound spray has been specifically designed to control and immediately inhibit possible infection from external wounds, bites, grazes or skin punctures that require on the spot attention. When applied it leaves a violet residue making it easy to see if the affected area has been completely covered. Available in a 200ml spray can.

Here at Appletons we like having Wound Spay on hand to treat any wounds or assist with feather-pecking. The Purple colouring masks the colour of blood and the spray does a good job of healing the wound fast.

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